Ola Finance
Welcome to Ola Finance
A Leap Forward in Decentralized Peer-to-Pool Lending
Ola Finance is not another Compound or another Aave. Rather, it is a platform that lets anyone create a compound-like instance that includes whichever tokens he or she likes. Ola's goal is to broaden the set of tokens that offer lending and borrowing services to their communities, while restraining the levels of risk that users of the platform are exposed to. By having multiple compound-like instances run side by side, each with its own risk profile, users are free to interact with those instances that fit their risk appetites.
In the following sections you'll find more information about on-chain lending in general and about the Ola platform in particular. This Wiki is a work in progress. Please send us your thoughts, comments or questions. We'll add the best questions to the FAQs section.
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