Ola Finance


The Two Levels of Ola's Governance System
Ola governance takes place on 2 levels: Local and Global. In this section, we discuss the scope of each level and its responsibilities.
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    Local Governance (LeN Level): Lending networks can tune specific parameters in their LeN independently of other networks
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    Global Governance (Platform Level): Key aspects of the protocol - regarding all LeNs - can be upgraded or modified in one go.

Governance Token

At this point, Ola's global governance is maintained by Ola's core team and partners. In the future, and as the community evolves and requires it, a governance token to control platform-level decisions will be issued. In the meantime, upgrades to the platform are efficiently deployed by Ola and offered to the lending networks on an opt-in basis. In addition, tailored features can be requested by the lending networks and implemented swiftly without the process of a governance vote.