Ola Finance
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Business Model

Revenue Generation for Ola and its Partners

Fee Split

Ola operates with a revenue share model such that the protocol accrues value through the success of its partners. By this we mean that the reserve fees that accumulate for each MM in a lending network (as determined by the Reserve Factor - see tunable-parameters) are split between Ola and the LeN creator; therefore, a successful lending network correlates to higher revenue for both Ola and its partner.

Token Buyback

Ola seeks to form strategic partnerships such that our business model fully aligns with the interests of the LeN creator. To that extent, in some situations, Ola uses its part of the reserve fees to buy back our partner's native token. With these tokens, Ola can stake, farm, or otherwise participate in other DeFi mechanisms to earn additional revenue for the protocol. Ola is highly flexible in determining which token to buy back as it's subjective to the needs of our partner. Ultimately, the goal is to use our portion of the fees to create a vested interest in our partner's project.