Ola Finance

Token Report

Reviewing the transfer logic and upgradability of supported tokens
The Lending Network Token Report analyses a few key properties of each token listed across the Ola platform. This report aims to validate the safety of all existing lending networks and establish a transparent onboarding protocol for future new tokens. To that extent, this report is a working document that will continuously be updated as new networks and tokens are added to the platform.
First and foremost, we check the transfer logic of every token because this is something that gets called from our contracts; therefore, we need to be aware of the logic being executed.
Secondly, we check to see if the contract is upgradable. There are 2 common ways to upgrade a contract’s logic - proxy-implementation patterns and metamorphic contracts. We do not allow tokens with a destructor, however we do allow proxy tokens; we therefore monitor the implementation they use and flag any changes as high-risk until further analysed.
Needless to say, we require all token contracts to be verified. View the token report here: