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Rainmaker Program

Incentivize Your Lending Network
The rainmaker program is an optional feature offered to all LeN creators that allow them to distribute specific tokens to lenders and borrowers (as Compound distributes COMP tokens to its users). LeN creators indicate a token they wish to distribute, set distribution speeds, then fill the Reservoir contract with enough tokens.
The following parameters can be tuned by the LeN creator to set up the Rainmaker program:
Parameter Name
Airdrop Token
The token that will be distributed
Airdrop Rate
The rate at which token emissions are allocated to the Rainmaker contract, measured in tokens per block
Airdrop Speeds
Expressed as a percentage per MM, this determines how much of the Airdrop is allocated to each MM (eg. 50% ETH, 20% BTC, etc.)
Airdrop Supply/Borrow Side
For each MM, this indicates how much of the Airdrop Speed allocation goes to the supply verse borrow side (eg. 60% Supply, 40% Borrow)
The rainmaker program is an excellent way to bootstrap liquidity for specific MMs or the lending network as a whole. A LeN creator can enable/disable it at anytime, and determines how long each rainmaker program runs for.